Customer Feedback

Here is just a sampling of the e-mail portion of praise that has honored us over the years here at Riordan Artistry (listed by date).

(We are getting more positive feedback than ever. ...We just have to update this page. LOL) 

from: John & Rose C...
sent:  Wed 11/6/2013 7:47 AM
subject:  Glass from Spain

         We thought our glass brought back from Spain was a total loss. We never thought it could have been repaired. Your repair work looks so natural it's hard to tell that it was not made that way. Your service was quick and painless. It was nice to have worked with such a professional company.

John & Rose C...
Bay Minette, Alabama 

from: Brian H. / Lombard, IL
sent: Wed 2/6/2013 8:09 AM
subject:  (engraving completion)

(regarding engraved glasses from ICEHotel in Norway / These glasses looke like melting ice, same as those used at that same ice hotel in Norway, who sells them.  Our customer just got back from Norway.)

Good morning John,

I have given both glasses to my mother and sister.  THEY LOVED THEM!!!  They were floored by the quality of work you had done!  

Thanks again for getting them done so quickly!

Brian H.  (Lombard, IL)

from:  Cecily M, Chugiak, AK
from order:  Sat Feb 02 17:14:51 2013

(excerpt from a customer repair order)

1 - 10oz Rowland Ward Moser Antelope crystal rock glass - repair a previous horrid uneven attempt at a rim chip repair
1 - Rowland Ward Moser Decanter stopper - repair chip to top of stopper if possible

Please go ahead and complete the repairs when the items arrive - no need for an estimate prior to work being done. You have done a previous repair for us that was outstanding in its quality and very much appreciated! If anything else is needed, please just let me know. Kind regards, Cecily M. (Chugiak, Alaska)

from: Chris K. / Milwaukee
sent: Thu 1/31/2013 10:42 AM
subject:  Crystal Vase - Thank You!

Crystal Vase - Thank You!

I came across your email on my desk today!  I have been meaning to send you an email to thank you for the great job you did on putting my crystal vase back together! 

I knew it would never be perfect…but from a distance you can hardly tell it was broken so badly!  As I was putting each tiny piece into its own Ziploc bag, and realized just how many pieces there were, I was convinced it could never be reconstructed!  I am amazed at how you were able to put all those “slivers” of glass back in place!  But you did a fantastic job on it!

Thanks again….I appreciated the fast turnaround!

Chris K.   (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) 

 from:       Patti C. / Indianapolis, IN
sent:        Mon 12/24/2012 11:49 AM
subject:  Re: Repairs...
they have arrived.... as you probably know they got delayed due to the weather on Friday.
the decanter is magnificent... how you did it, i do not know but it is truly fantanstic.
Amy loves it! and that was why I wanted it fixed so I am extremely happy
the glasses of course are terrific also and as it turns out, i did need them today
thank you so very very much
patti C.  (Indianapolis, IN)
from:       Liz K. / Winnetka,  IL
sent:       Sun 12/23/2012 10:55 AM
subject:  Re: Repairs...
dear john,

i have paid and am very pleased indeed!  i am 100% impressed by your artistry and service and will tell everyone i know about you.  happy holidays!

Liz  (Winnetka, IL)

from:       Ellie A.
sent:       Fri 11/30/2012 2:39 PM
subject:  Re: Project Completion Notice:   RE: Emmy award:  from Riordan Artistry

Just wanted to tell you how thrilled I am with my ornament for Kevin!  It turned out great!

Thanks for working with me!  Have a great Christmas,  Ellie (Lake Barrington, IL)

from:       Katherine P, Phd, RN
sent:       Tue 5/1/2012 1:10 PM
subject:  Re: Project Completion Notice:   RE: Project Completion Notice:  RE: 2012 Crystal Awards:   from Riordan Artistry

The crystal looks absolutely beautiful! Thanks for being such an important part of our annual Nurses Week celebration. Your work brings much joy to the recipients of the awards.

Thank you,

Katherine P... PhD, RN
Center for Nursing Professional Practice and Research/ University of Chicago Hospitals
from:       Christine M M...
sent:      Thu 2/24/2011 10:45 AM
subject:  Re: Project Completion Notice:  RE: Shipping Award directly to Sarasota:  from Riordan Artistry
Nope, got it from Mike.  He said the award was gorgeous.  And the recipient absolutely loved it.  I heard his comments as I was tuned into the Town Hall web meeting and he really liked it.  Said he would win it again next time, and how nicely the inscription fit on it, like it was meant to be his.   I am so pleased this all came together and worked out this well.  Thank you again for everything. 

I might take this opportunity to let you know I am transitioning into another position within the company (effective March 16) so I won’t be the person contacting you for the next award we’ll need.  But I will make sure my replacement (who has not yet been determined) has your contact information going forward.

It was a pleasure working with you. 

-Chris / Eaton Corp.  (Cleveland, Ohio)
sent:       Fri 2/18/2011 2:20 PM
subject:  RE: Mario Cioni Dynasty Trophy:  from Riordan Artistry

Thanks for the jpg.  It's great to have the photo for our file.  We are pleased beyond measure with your service and product.  I will be retiring July 1, but have made a note in the file for next year to consider using this line for our 50, 75, and 100 year agency  anniversaries, and possibly our 150 anniversaries, as well.  We're in business since 1848, starting out as Ohio Farmers Insurance Company.  

     ~ Helen A..., CPS/CAP   /  Westfield Insurance Group (Westfield Center, Ohio)

sent:       Fri 10/1/2010 9:37 AM
subject:  RE:  Blue Ingots:    from Riordan Artistry, Inc.

Hi John,


I wanted to echo those comments and say that the honorees were truly floored by the likeness the award had to our "Rock" out front.  Great job and thanks again.

      Take care,

           Dan K. (principal, Willowbrook H.S., IL)

>>> GERI H... 10/1/2010 9:11 AM >>>

Good morning John,


I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much our Honoree's loved their "crystal rock".  It was the hit of the evening.


Thank you so much for getting those together for us in such a short amount of time.  I submitted the requisition for payment as soon as I received the invoice, so you should have payment in about 2 weeks.  We look forward to working with you again in the future.


Thank you again and have a great weekend!

       Geri H...  (DuPage District 88 / Willowbrook H.S., IL)

sent:       Wed 8/4/2010 10:46 AM
subject:  RE: Captain Hagan from afghanistan:  from Riordan Artistry
PERFECTION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just shared the picture with her other department heads !!!!!!!!!!!!!
She is going to CRY!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you sooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!
Captain Hagan / U.S. Navy , Afghanistan
sent:       Fri 5/14/2010 12:06 PM
subject:  RE: Crystal repair shipment:  from Riordan Artistry

John,  (re: crystal repair)

Once again you came through for me.  What a great job you did!

And to top it off, it was perfect packing.

Sent you a payment via PayPal today. 


     Jim McClure / Cash Around the House  (ebay crystal auction company) (Waterford, MI)

sent:       Tue 1/26/2010 9:43 PM
subject:  Re: Riordan Artistry, Inc.: Customer REPAIR Order from WWW-site: Swarovski

Hi John,

 It arrived today and looks GREAT! I cannot see the repair, which is more than I expected.

 Thanks so much,     Dennis Kromm  (owner of Swarovski crystal)

From: s cochran...

Sent: Wednesday, August 26, 2009 5:54 PM

Subject: glass repair

My priceless family heirloom was delivered tonight. The  work is beautiful!!! I can't thank you enough. I have a waterford goblet that I would like to send to you in the near future. Thank you again for the beautiful repair.

Susan C...

From: Leslie A R.
Sent: Wednesday, February 11, 2009 7:21 AM
Subject: Re: Paid Invoice #4417: from Riordan Artistry, Inc.

(re:  optical crystal plaques, with deep-sculpted, and involved artwork, for department achievers)

Thanks! And thanks for the great work that you do!!

Leslie Anne R.
Strength, Hope and Caring Program /  Communications Department  /  Duke University Hospital

From: Tennille H.
Sent: Friday, January 16, 2009 8:32 AM
Subject: RE: Photos of Vitronic Award: from Riordan Artistry, Inc.

(re: large optical crystal, logo-engraved Victory Award)

Thanks, John! Everyone LOVED the award, including our President in Germany! Great job
Warmest Regards,  

Tennille H. / Sales and Marketing Administrator  / Vitronic Machine Vision, Ltd.11900 Plantside Drive, Suite G  / Louisville, KY

From: Hal B.
Sent: Thursday, December 18, 2008 10:24 PM
Subject: Re: 2 glasses for repair: from Riordan Artistry, Inc

John I just want to follow up on Maria's comments. They are wonderful. You guys did a great job. Certainly way beyond our expectations.  Hal B.


John -

We just received the glasses a couple of minutes ago!!!!!  They are FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!  Thank you so much.  My mother is on her way up here (they were her glasses) to spend Christmas with us and this is such a great treat to have them here for her to use.  I have several recipes for Christmas drinks and I know she and the rest of us will so enjoy using the glasses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a Wonderful Christmas Holiday and again, thank you for doing this for us.

Re: Project Completion Notice:   from Riordan Artistry

from:  B.-B., Crystal

sent:  Thu 12/11/2008 12:58 PM

(re: Optical Crystal Teamwork award)

You guys are phenomenal!  Thank you so very much!  ....

From: Mary Joan M.
Sent: Friday, November 21, 2008 7:32 AM
Subject: Mail from WWW site border.


When I found my leaded crystal bowl, a very old family heirloom, in pieces on my hutch, I was absolutely heartbroken.  It had been handed down through many generations of my family and was part of a collection I was saving for my daughter.  It was a disaster until I found your website.   She received the bowl you repaired yesterday and it’s gorgeous.  We are so pleased with your work that words cannot express our feelings.  Thank you so much for the wonderful, professional, and caring work that you do. 


Mary Joan and Ellie

Mary Joan M... NHD,BS,CH,CR/  Member American Naturopathic Medical Association / Member National Center for Homeopathy

Re: Paid Invoice #4362 from Riordan Artistry, Inc

Wed 10/29/2008 2:25 PM.

Dear John,

I am very grateful to you for getting this work done for me on such short notice.  The quality of the work is wonderful and Andrew was very well pleased and surprised to have it to share with his golf coach and team-mates.

Best Regards,

Mike W.

Re: Project Completion Notice:  from Riordan Artistry

Sun 4/13/2008 9:53 PM

(re:  special engraved glass ruler for retiring professor)

John, the banquet was a success and everyone was very impressed with the senior gifts. Thank you so much for all your efforts. You guys give awesome sevice!

Dr Abdul

From: Ashley H.
Sent: Friday, February 29, 2008 2:46 PM
To: Riordan Artistry, Inc. / John O. Riordan
Subject: RE: Project Completion Notice: Zoso: from Riordan Artistry

(re:  Led Zeppelin interpretation shot glass)


Just wanted to let you know that you did an awesome job matching the logo up to the other ones!!  Have a good one!

Thanks much,


From: Peter K./Marilyn C.
Sent: Thursday, February 21, 2008 8:33 PM
Subject: Dragonfly

Hello John,

I received my dragonfly package today and successfully unpacked it with no damage.  It is simply a wonderful job and I thank you so very much.  I am searching for a safe place to put it where it won't get broken again.

I am very grateful to you for your lovely work.


From: Tom S. 
Sent: Wednesday, November 28, 2007 7:12 AM
To: Riordan Artistry, Inc. / John O. Riordan
Subject: RE: Invoice from Riordan Artistry, Inc.

(re: military badge sculpture on glass plaque)

Everything arrived safely yesterday.  Thanks for the great work!!!!!! 



From: Stephanie P.
Sent: Monday, December 03, 2007 3:04 PM
Subject: Compliments

I just wanted to send many many compliments to your company for the product that was done for us. Not only, did John get the product a day before he quoted, the product was in pristine condition and the engraving was beautiful. Thank you for helping our company celebrate a 20-year tenure employee!

Stephanie M Powers /
Human Resources Manager, Payroll, & A/P   /  Photo Stencil, LLC

From: Lisa S.
Sent: Monday, November 05, 2007 12:43 PM
Subject: Re: Fw: Award bases: from Riordan Artistry

(re:  repair of crystal bases)

I just received the award back from you and it looks fabulous! Thank you again for doing this and for getting it back to me so quickly.

Best regards,
Lisa S.   .......

Philips Research North America
Briarcliff Manor, New York

from:   (Deborah M.)

subj: Thank you!

Mon 11/5/2007 6:58 AM

Good morning, John!

The Pegasus was BEAUTIFUL!!     We got it in plenty of time.  Sorry I

haven't written.  I was at UNC Hospital with my husband in ICU for a day and half, and then in a regular room almost until we left for the convention.  I just didn't have computer access and NO cell phone to speak of.  My life went on hold.  I apologize for this late thank you...but THANK YOU!!  EVERYONE just really admired it, and to use an over used word, loved it.

We are looking forward to having this award next year, and the next....

Thank you so very, very much,


 Re: Invoice from Riordan Artistry, Inc.

Thu 10/18/2007 4:39 PM

(re: mini-lighted sculpture)

Hi John,

This is an amazing piece.  You do great work. 

How late are you open this evening?  I'll be in the area around 6:15PM.   Otherwise, I'll plan to stop by on my lunch hour tomorrow.

David D.

 RE: Shipment Noticel: from Riordan Artistry, Inc.

Wed 4/11/2007 12:34 PM

 (re: glass nameplates and business card holders)



Re: RE:Ice Bucket order: from Riordan Artistry, Inc.

Tue 2/6/2007 1:07 PM


I received the buckets today -- they look great.  Thanks!


 My brother's christmas gift

Thu 1/4/2007 10:02 PM


 I want to thank you and your team for a wonderful job and getting it done before Christmas. Even though he pick it up a week later.  Kendall was shock and held back his tears. He love his gift.  Thank you again. I will see you all again sometime this year.

Happy New Year
Kristie P.  :-)

 RE: mirror project for Lee F.:  from Riordan Artistry

Sent: Thu 12/21/2006 1:53 PM

Holy crap - I didn't really know what to expect, but that looks amazing.  Thank you so much!  We're heading out on Saturday but exchanging gifts before then, so I'll probably show her this picture.  Really cool - I can't wait to see it in person!

Lee F.

 Re: Project Completion Notice:  from Riordan Artistry, Inc.

Sent: Thu 10/5/2006 1:21 PM

From: Christy O.

Mike and John,

I received the mugs this morning and I cannot express my gratitude for the work you did; they are beyond my expectations!!!  Now the hardest part -- waiting 2 weeks to share them with my husband for our anniversary!

Thank you so much for all your input on this project and for the incredible talent that went into these; they are perfect!

Warm Regards,
Christy Olson

Sent: Wednesday, August 30, 2006 8:55 PM
To: Inc. / John O. Riordan Riordan Artistry

Hello John ;-)

Marcus told me that you wanted to see some of the pictures. Sam and Chad thought it was going to be an ordinary plaque. But, they and everyone else got the shock of their lives.  Lol. John to you and your crew, thank you again for making this event special.

(from Kristie G. ...from Berlin Project /Prince award)


From: Michael S. .../ Ikonics
Sent: Monday, August 07, 2006 10:00 AM
To: Riordan Artistry, Inc. / John O. Riordan
Subject: IKONICS Glass


Good morning.  I was out of the office last week, thus, I viewed the etched IKONICS glass for the first time this morning—it looks FANTASTIC!  We are extremely pleased we contracted such a quality company for this project. Once our entryway is completed, new paint, new carpet etc—I’ll take a few pictures and email them to you.

Thank you again.


Michael S. /Marketing Services Manager /IKONICS CORPORATION /4832 Grand Ave. /Duluth, MN /55807 USA 
 Subject:     Re: Shipment Notice: from Riordan Artistry, Inc.
Date:     9/27/2005 11:41 AM


The piece looks AWESOME!  I talked to my sister and she received it this morning. Thanks for all your hard work! -Steve

 Subject:     Cocktail Shaker Arrived
Date:     Fri 9/23/2005 10:58 AM
 Wanted you to know the Cocktail Shaker arrived today in beautiful condition and I am sooooooo pleased with your repair work.  Thank you, thank you for taking on this unusual task.  I think it is actually more beautiful now than before.

Nancy [S.]

 Subject:     Re: ACE awards: from Riordan Artistry, Inc.
Date:     Wed 7/13/2005 8:30 PM
Hello John,

Thank you so much...and I could not be happier with the quality of your work. Your professionalism and attention to detail are very much appreciated.
We definitely look forward to working with you in the future.


Terry [C.],  Reflecting Brilliance,  CA, USA  (on behalf of the American Counsel on Exercise)

 Subject:     RE: additional artwork received by Riordan Artistry, Inc.
Date:     Mon 7/11/2005 8:52 AM

I wanted to follow-up my phone call on 27 Jun with an email regarding the glass award.

I could not have chosen a better company than Riordan Artistry. Mr. Oram was sufficiently stunned when presented with this unique award. Quite a few of the more than 50 people in attendance asked for your web address which I gladly provided to them. Given the short turnaround time (less that a week),

Riordan Artistry rose to the occasion and supplied what was the fitting award for Mr. Oram's distinguished career.

Again, I want to express my heartfelt thanks and I look forward to working with Riordan Artistry in the future.


Robert B. [W.] Jr.
Navy Training Programs Manager
Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

 Subject:     RE: Layout III for Approval: from Riordan Artistry, Inc.
Date:     Wed 6/29/2005 10:18 AM
Hi John and Chuck,

Guess what? The star awards were such a big hit that we need another one! This time there is no rush, so whenever you are able to order the crystal and complete it would be fine. We will not be presenting this until the opening of school in August.

I apologize the whole order has been so piecemeal -- from the original 15 to an additional 5 and now adding one more. We appreciate your work and the final pieces are really something the recipients can be proud of for earning.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you!

Sherri [A.]

Director of Community Relations & Learning
DuPage High School District 88
101 W. Highridge Road
Villa Park, IL 60181

 Subject:     THANK YOU
Date:     Mon 2/7/2005 2:45 PM

Our Crystal Ball Luncheon was last Thursday, and the statues were a HUGE hit!

Everyone loved them! They really turned out fabulous. Thank you so much for your help with this project. I'll be in touch next year for the '06 event.

~ Jennifer

Jennifer L. [B.]
Senior Marketing Assistant
Public Finance Chicago
Legg Mason Wood Walker, Inc.

 Subject:     RE: Shipment Notification - Tracking
Date:     Thu 12/16/2004 6:49 PM


The packages arrived safe and sound today, albeit VERY late in the day.  I think the holidays have UPS a little behind schedule.  In any event, the item is absolutely beautiful and I’m sure the gentleman to whom it is to be delivered (this year’s recipient of the award) will be thrilled with it.

I will stress to him the importance of lining up the plastic tabs on the plate with those on the base to ensure it does not slip.  I will also make sure to point out the extra plastic tabs you included in the box with the base.

As I said in our last telephone conversation, we are interested in obtaining a quote for a replication of this piece (even if we utilize a smaller glass plate) to be made to present to the daughter of Harlan Schwartz who commissioned this award (and is the one sitting beside her father in the image used on the award).  I glanced through the catalog you included in the shipment and was wondering is something like the 8” jade glass plate (Item R056 on page 68 of the catalog) would be a suitable surface on which to place the image.  Certainly, any suggestions you may have would be greatly appreciated.

I am out of the office again tomorrow until mid-afternoon, but should be in all day next Monday.

I look forward to hearing back from you, and again, thank you and everyone at Riordan for doing such a fabulous job on this trophy.

Best wishes and happy holidays,

Leslie [M.]
The Meyer Company

 Subject:     RE:  Invoice from Riordan Artistry, Inc.
Date:     Wed 12/15/2004 2:35 AM


Chuck please pass on our thanks to your guys for again a very trouble free and quickly delivered project, and a very merry Christmas from everyone at Evolution. I just wish all our suppliers were as professional.


Ritchie, Evolution Systems, U.K.

 Subject:     RE: Shipment Notification
Date:     Wednesday, November 24, 2004 1:13 PM


My order arrived today and I am very pleased with it.  The workmanship and quality of the awards are excellent, and the overall look is exceptional. I'm certain the award recipients will be delighted to display such a unique and striking piece in a highly visible and prominent place.

Thank you for your help and I look forward to continuing our business relationship.

Becky [L.], Executive Assistant

 Subject:     Thank you
Date:     Wed 10/6/2004 3:38 PM

Mr. Becker,

I received my order and it is perfect.  Thank you for doing such a great job and for rushing it to me.  I look forward to working with you in the future.

Thanks again,

Aesha [R.]

Battalion Training Officer
634th Forward Support Battalion
Illinois Army National Guard
Sullivan, IL  61951

 Subject:     Crystal Awards
Date:     Tue 6/1/2004 1:49 PM

Dear [R.A.],

I wanted to thank you for the beautiful awards you engraved for our school.  The crystal cubes were perfect, and your suggestions on how to add depth and dimensions to our engraving design were perfect.  The engraving done, was spectacular, and we were honored to present the winners of the competition with true pieces of art.  Our transaction couldn't have been any smoother, and Riordan Artistry will certainly be a business we will turn to when we have a need for quality work done by a quality business.


Michael [L.]
Student Development Coordinator
The Illinois Institute of Art-Schaumburg
Schaumburg, IL

 Subject:     RE: Texas Outline on mugs: from Riordan Artistry, Inc.
Date:     Mon 5/10/2004 1:31 PM
John -
The mugs were lovely - THANK YOU !
Happy Monday !

Anne [E.]
Assistant to Tim [H.]
Onshore US Business Unit 

 Subject:     Re: Project Completion Notice: from Riordan Artistry, Inc.
Date:     Thu 5/6/2004 4:34 PM
 WOW!  YOU are unbelievable!  It is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!  LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!
I'll pick it up tomorrow... what is the total?  I might pay with an HJWC check if okay?!  Thanks!!!
New Membership Advisor, 2002-2003 Past President
USO - 2004 GALA Co-Chair
Hinsdale, IL
 Subject:     Thank You
Date:     Thu 4/15/2004 3:55 PM


I just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work you have done for us. The pieces are absolutely beautiful! Everyone at AthletiCo has commented on how good they look. I wish I could have been there to pick them up in person. (That's the receptionist's curse, someone has got to answer the phone! ) Nancy enjoyed your shop. I will have to stop by on my lunch hour someday and check it out for myself.

Thank you again. It has been a pleasure working with you.


Heather H. / AthletiCo /  Oakbrook, IL

 Subject:     RE: Layout for Approval: from Riordan Artistry, Inc.
Date:     Fri 4/9/2004 9:50 AM


I received the piece. It looks great!
Have a great weekend.

Steve [M.]
ICNR (Illinois Coalition for Nursing Recruitment)
Darien, IL

 Subject:     Re: RE:broken Starfire base.: Riordan Artistry
Date:     Tue 3/30/2004 6:04 PM
John, I wanted to thank you the bevel job looks great I really did not expect this to come out so good! Thank you.
 Subject:     ACE Glass
Date:     Wed 3/10/2004 10:20 AM

Good Morning John,

I know it wasn't fair to wait so long to contact you...the awards are beautiful...we are all most pleased...

I only unwrapped one...then let Sandy do the other 2 a couple days later...didn't want to handle any more than necessary...We are very happy...Thank You!

Let me know when you anticipate finishing the order and we will get together to finalize everything.

Thanks Again...and I really appreciate your understanding.

Terry C. (on behalf of American Counsel on Exercise), CA, USA

 Subject:     Re: Riordan Artistry, Inc.: Shipment Notice
Date:     Mon 2/23/2004 9:41 AM

Thank you very much. We have received the (crystal) trucks and are very happy with them. We appreciate your great service and prompt delivery.
It has been a real pleasure to do business with you.

Devorah [D.]

 Subject:     RE: Riordan Artistry, Inc.: Layout for Approval
Date:     Thu 2/19/2004 2:37 PM

John -

The award arrived and it is wonderful. You do such a great job - and I am so pleased that you are able to help us again this year!

Thank you for following up. It's a pleasure working with you


Laurie [T.]
Associate Administrator
Department of Pediatrics
Georgetown University Hospital
2PHC 3800 Reservoir Rd., NW
Washington, DC 20007-2113

 Subject:     RE: Snowflake: from Riordan Artistry
Date:     Sun 2/8/2004 7:12 PM

John – the piece arrived – very nicely done – thanks so much for your help.


David H. [N.] ,  Founder
Life Enhancement Systems
355 21st Avenue NE
St. Petersburg, FL  33704

 Subject:     RE: Invoice from Riordan Artistry, Inc.
Date:     Friday, January 09, 2004 10:30 AM
 Hi, [R.A.].  Just a quick thank you for such a quick turn-around on the awards.  They are sooo beautiful -- I had not seen the previous awards you had done.  You are splendorific!!! Thank you and Mary Beth for everything. Best to you, Rosalinda [L.] / Hewitt-Cyborg Systems Inc., Chicago, IL.
 Subject:     Thank you!
Date:     Mon 12/8/2003 7:47 PM
 Hi [R.A.],

Once again, Riordan Artistry has provided us with not only an excellent product, but incredible customer service in the design, manufacturing and delivery of our Insight Awards.  

Thanks to you John, and the entire team!  It is a pleasure doing business with your company.

Kind regards,
Dale M. (K.)
Managing Director
Insight Seminars
310-315-9733 ext 110
 Subject:     [Beveled Anniversary Piece] Project
Date:     11/4/2003 11:32:00 PM Central Standard Time

Dear [Riordan Artistry],

It's more than perfect, it's everything I wanted to find for them and more.  A lot of memories.

Thanks,  [Riordan Artistry].  We'll call you next week. [customer was visiting Chicago and wanted to stop by our shop]

Tami C.

P.S. - and I have been nice to Ron!  [man who gave word-of-mouth referral]

Tami C.
Mesa, Arizona, U.S.A.

 RE: Riordan Artistry, Inc.:

Subject: Customer Order from WWW-site

Date: 11/10/2003 8:27:08 AM Central Standard Time


Hi [Riordan Artistry],

Took delivery of the award today, all I can  say is FANTASTIC . You guys have done a great job. Thank all your team for me, rest assured that we will be looking over the brochure you sent. If you need any client comments for your site just let me know.
thanks again

Ritchie J.
Evolution Systems LTD,
St. Helier , Jersey C.I.,  UK

 Subj:    Dedication of Windows at St. Paul's - Sadorus for Raymond H(.)
Date:   8/4/2002 7:20:53 AM Central Daylight Time
From:  (...customer)
To:      (... many parties with a stake in this project) , &
File:     pnl_cRuth_16.jpg (126931 bytes) DL Time (32000 bps): < 1 minute

 Dear Family and Friends who are Family,

The windows which have been created for the memorial for Raymond H(.) - our beloved Dad and husband - for St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Sadorus have been completed and will be installed soon. I have included a picture of them below.

The dedication for these windows will be held during the church service on Sunday, August 25th, starting at 10:00 a.m. at St. Paul's in Sadorus. After the church service there will be a short "Family Service" in the vestibule (about 10 minutes.)

We would like to invite all of you to come and help us celebrate Ray's life with us on that day. We know that many of you contributed to his memorial fund and we would like you to see the result of your thoughtfulness and generosity.

After the service, you are invited to lunch with us. If you plan to come, please let Ruth know (by reply email, phone at 630-752-xxxx or snail mail at Ruth C. - Wheaton, IL 60187) so that we can make appropriate plans.

Thank you all for your love and care throughout the years. It has meant the world to our family - as you do.

With God's Blessings from all of us (und mit freundlichen Grüßen),

Agnes H(.),   The children of Agnes and Ray


PS - Here is the website of the company that designed and created the windows. A Russian [actually a Ukrainian-born American - R.A.] artist created the design after studying over 50 pictures of the church and its elements, i.e., stained glass windows, locks, lights, the altar, exterior design, the organ, detailed views of door handles and hardware, etc. We think Riordan Artistry in Villa Park, IL did an exquisite job on the design and creation of the windows. Thank you [Riordan Artistry]!

Riordan Artistry, Inc. - Premium Sandblast Etching in Crystal, Glass and Marble   /   /   Phone: 630-832-9199 Fax: 630-832-2514

 Subj: re: Project Completion Notice: from Riordan Artistry, Inc.
Date: 7/26/2002 10:31:22 AM Central Daylight Time
From: (customer)

[Riordan Artistry], this is Debrah Doyle calling.

I just recieved that diamond award through UPS. It is absolutely gorgeous. It is absolutely beautiful!

Once again, you guys have outdone yourselves. This is absolutely gorgeous. ... And I would like to than you for everything that you did, and for throwing that little tree (graphic) in for us.  It is absolutely beautiful.  ..And I know that when my auntie sees this she will absolutely fall out on the floor.

Thanks again. Bye bye.

Debrah D. [Atlanta, GA]

 Subj: Re: Project Shipping Notice: from Riordan Artistry, Inc.  (We sent a New York City sculpture in Lead Crystal (and two more following this one.)
Date: 6/21/2002 5:11:17 PM Eastern Standard Tim

[Riordan Artistry],

Thank you very much!

There is a STRONG possibility, that I may be ordering additional sculptures (same as this order) in the near future.

Looking forward to receiving the shipment!

Have an excellent weekend!

Detective Robert C. [Paterson, New Jersey]

 Subj: Wedding Invitation with original card graphics. (message sent via postal mail)
Date: 4/25/2002

Thank you so much. You did a great job.

Jennifer L. P. [Troy, NY]

 Subj: RE: Project Completion Notice: from Riordan Artistry, Inc.
Date: 2/12/2002 4:58:12 PM Central Standard Time

Just wanted to drop you a quick line to say that our Grandparents loved the piece. Tears started flowing! It was definitely a hit & went right to their heart! Thanks again for your hard work and hustle!

Kelly S. [Scottsdale, Arizona]

 Subj: RE: Project Completion Notice: from Riordan Artistry, Inc.
Date: 2/8/2002 3:42:42 PM Central Standard Time

WOW!!!!! It looks absolutely perfect. It's amazing to look and our Grandparents on glass like that. I DO appreciate your hussle and assure you that because of your hard work the 60th Anniversary party will be much more memorable! Thanks again! I can't wait to present it to them!

Kelly S. [Scottsdale, Arizona]

 Subj: Great Job
Date: 1/28/2002 1:37:49 PM Central Standard Time


Received the mini lighted sculpture. IT IS GREAT! Looks better then the picture! You did a great job. I will defiantly recommend you to anyone that calls.

Have a great day!

DANIEL E. V.,  USAF  [Whiteman AFB, Missouri]

  Subj: Ash Trays & Lighter set and Coasters
Date: 1/12/2002 12:42:46 AM Central Standard Tim

Hey fellas , Happy New Year and a belated Merry Christmas! I want to Thank (you) for the ideas and, for such a wonderful job you did on the sets and the coasters! It was a big hit with my two sons and son-in-law! My wife and daughter said it was a great gift with the engraving you did on the coasters and lighter and ash tray sets! Well, I want to Thank (you) again and looking forward to the horse idea you both let me in on!

I am really counting on that for a Valentine's Day gift for my wife!

Thanks Again

Paul K. [Naperville, IL]    hope you post this on your Web site and we will see you soon!

 (Postal Mail message)   re: a winning racehorse image halftone blasted into blue-colored, iceberged glass.
Date: 12/28/2001

Thanks again [Riordan Artistry]!

You did a great job. And our neighbors loved the gift.

Mike M. [Covina, CA]

 Subject: Well Received!!
Date:      9/14/2001 8:49:41 PM Central Daylight Time

Thanks again to You and Uri (spelling ?) for a fantastic job on Steve's Golf Trophy.  He was stunned and speechless when we presented it to him.  It brought the whole wonderful memory of a Great Time back for all involved.  He is on his way west to LA and showed the trophy off in Oklahoma to a close golf buddy.  Everyone was impressed.  Steve says he will treasure it always.  You run a Shop of Memory Makers.

Really enjoyed our breakfast together, and will have to make it down there one of these days for some Sushi.

Take Care,

Paul. R. [F.], Saint Charles, IL
 Subject: Re: Project Completion Notice: from Riordan Artistry, Inc
Date: 9/6/2001 10:54:42 PM Central Daylight Time
IT'S PERFECT .... THANK YOU !! How great to see a photo of the finished product ! We can't wait to receive it and present it to the folks next weekend at their surprise party. I will absolutely follow-up with you to let you know how it went over. After the party, I'll be happy to write a customer testimonial for your website.
Andy [H.]
 Subj: Re: Project Completion Notice: from Riordan Artistry, Inc.
Date: 8/23/2001 6:27:19 PM Central Daylight Time

John & Company:

The piece is absolutely fabulous, and the addition of the golfer image was a great choice. Riordan Artistry is heads above any other artisans. The attention paid to detail and design cannot be beat anywhere else. Art is your name, perfection is your game.

What time do you get in on Saturday? Would like to buy you breakfast or lunch if your schedule permits.

Take Care and Thanks Much,

Paul R. F. [Saint Charles, IL]

 Subj: Re: Project Completion Notice: from Riordan Artistry, Inc.
Date: 8/2/2001 12:43:51 PM Central Daylight Time

[Riordan Artistry -]

We got the globes today. We love them! They are perfect. Thank you very much for your efforts.

Warmest regards,

Daphne [Los Angeles, CA]

(RA comments:  ...Black marble globes, with sandblasted etching and gold color fill.)

 Subj: Re: Custom picture: from Riordan Artistry, Inc.
Date: 7/30/2001 5:47:57 AM Central Daylight Time

[Riordan Artistry],

The engraved baseballs were a great hit at the party. All the coaches loved them. I'm glad I called you. This is better then giving a trophy or a plaque. Its something they can keep always. I look forward to doing business with you again soon.

Thanks...Jill B.I. [IL]

  Subj: Re: Project Completion Notice: from Riordan Artistry, Inc.
Date: 7/27/2001 4:36:27 PM Central Daylight Time

John -

They look absolutely wonderful!!! [from digital photos attached to email]  I can't thank you enough for all you've done for us. Everyone just loved the golf and vendor awards. I would greatly appreciate it if you could ship these items to us as I won't be back in the office until Thursday.

Thanks again for everything.

Renee R.,    J.C. Whitney [Chicago, IL]

Subj: Comment
Date: 5/7/2001 12:04:46 PM Central Daylight Time

Dear John:

No need to apologize for "the delay". My desire has always been for beauty and excellence in craftsmanship. Those two qualities do not necessarily come with speed. For a superior service, I am always patient. Thank you for being conscientious. Share my pleasure with what your staff has created with all of those who were involved in the project. My hope that this project has been as helpful to your growth in abilities as the work is symbolically meaningful to me.


Ron G. [UCLA, Los Angeles, CA]

Subj: Mini-Lighted Sculpture
Date: 2/13/2001 8:35 AM Central Standard Time

"[The gift recipient] really liked the glass work you did. (...)  Thanks a lot, really did a great job!

     Mike D. [Tinley Park, IL]"

(RA comments:  We did a "Black Sheep" in full color in our Mini-Lighted Sculpture format. We covered the paint from the back with a thick resin to protect it for all time. We found the mixing of colors to obtain a black which we could effectively illuminate as very challenging indeed.)

Subj: Saint Isaac Jogues Annual Holiday Banquet Ornaments
Date: 1/26/2001 2:29:54 PM Central Standard Time

"Happy New Year, [Riordan Artistry]!
     I'm finally getting to read my e-mail after a busy holiday vacation (got your voice message, too.). And, I hope you & your family enjoyed a blessed holiday season-
     Yes, everything turned out wonderfully! The event & your ornaments were a great success. Thank You, again. And please thank your staff for all their work and attention to detail as well. Everyone, including our Pastor, was especially pleased with the very special Jubilee design. It may be hard to top in the future!!!
     Thanks again, and I will certainly keep you top of mind for future opportunities. And, please feel free to use my name as a reference if you like.
     Best to all & a happy & healthy 2001. Warmest regards,

     Patty N. [Naperville, IL]"

(RA comments:  That was our third year of producing about 300 ornaments for this organization. We were granted permission by the Roman Catholic Holy See to reproduce their special Millennium Jubilee 2000 design. We were originally contacted three years ago after this customer was left without having their ornaments on time from another crystal and glass supplier.)

Subj:  Glass
Date:  1/3/2001 8:46:52 AM Central Standard Time
    "John, thank you again for the fantastic job. We made these really cool boxes for them so they looked even more special.
     Thanks again,
          Greg L. [Victoria Hagan Interiors / NY, NY]"

(RA comments:  This was a rush order in which we etched the customer's company logo and textual theme for the year on 50 beautiful, poured, blue, glass ingots.)
Subj:  Kathy Jaffe Trophy
Date:  12/8/2000 9:08:52 AM Central Standard Time
     Wow! It's cool to finally see what began as a sketch take form. We are really thrilled so far. The smaller trophies have been blowing folks away.
     I have attached a revision of the text layout you sent yesterday. I like the line breaks better on this new version.
     Also, we need to talk about different options for the names on the trophy. Could you call me today when you get the chance? Please note that we are 2 hours ahead of your studio.
          Rodd W. [Minkus & Assoc., Rosemont, PA]"

(RA comments:  We had just finished five deep-sculpted, crescent, yearly presentation trophies called the Kathy Jaffe Spirit of Aerobatics Awards. We were in the midst of our construction on an associated all-Lead Crystal behemoth of a trophy (84 lbs. shipping) for the International Aerobatics Association. This would be the Kathy Jaffe Memorial Trophy, in honor of a great woman and aerobatic international competition pilot, who was killed in May of 1999 while practicing for an aerobatic competition.)
Subj:  I have not unpacked yet.
Date:  12/2/2000 2:19:35 PM Central Standard Time
    "John you are a delight, I wish all of my Vendors would ship that soon.
     We have been fooling around with the Tube Packaging for Tres Chic since June, not done yet. Esther Check in Mail.
           Esther Rose H. (Mrs) [Holzman & Stephanie Perfumes, Ltd.]"

          Come visit us, and stay a while, thank you."

(RA comments:  We have been sandblasting a variety of custom designs (some of our own creation, some renderings from other media) on hundreds and hundreds of the very highly respected Hozman & Stephanie perfumes since 1997.)
Subj: Thank you
Date: 9/27/00 8:55:26 PM Central Daylight Time

(Riordan Artistry),

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for your impressive work on the Chicago Area Healthcare Recruiters Awards.

The awards presentation were the highlight of the evening and it was great to be able to Present Shirley Graf (W.)elch with the lifetime achievement award. The blue crystal Mario Cioni Lead Crystal Renaissance vase was exquisite and defiantly wowed the audience! It was truly special and unique. Thank you for the recommendation. As always, working with you we know you will recommend just the right award for the occasion. Shirley was very moved and touched with her award. She is normally very stoic and she was reduced to tears. According to her husband the award blew her away! It was just the motivation she needed to keep her going until her retirement in a couple of years.

The institutional awards we also very impressive and a significant recognition gift for that group. Thanks for the quick turnaround on that order!


 Christina P.
 President, Chicago Area Healthcare Recruiters

Subj: The HEARTS have landed
Date: 7/27/00 7:17:52 PM Central Daylight Time

Hi [Riordan Artistry],
     The HEARTS have arrived and THANK YOU for providing us with such a wonderful finished product.
     I have only looked at one at the moment however the heart it really does reflect the purpose for which the gifts are to be given. They are elegant and beautifully presented.
     We thank you and your TEAM John, for fulfilling our order and working within our tight timeline. You and your company are a delight to do business with and we look forward to the next occasion.
     Kind regards,
          Dale K[.]
          Managing Director,  Insight Seminars Worldwide  [University of Santa Monica / CA]"

(RA comments:  We produced 50 hearts of variable-depth-carved, solid crystal for this customer.)

Subj:  Re: Project Completion Notice:  from Riordan Artistry, Inc.
Date:  6/29/00 6:18:51 AM Central Daylight Time
    "THANK YOU!!!!!! The picture looks wonderful! My parents are now on the lookout for it, and if I know them, they'll be looking out the window, every time a car drives by!
     The anniversary party would not have been what it was, without the glass piece you created. It was the focal point throughout the party. My parents are still smiling about that day, and I think they always will. They told me that it was one of the most special days of their lives and the pictures we took prove that. Thank you for taking such special care in preparing it, and for accepting my special requests.
     Again, thank you from my entire family!
     Sincerely,  Pamela R. / Arlington, Texas

P.S. you had mentioned earlier that you would like to use my comments on your web site, let me know, I would be honored. Also, I think the glass piece would be nice on your web site as well, but I am a little partial to it I guess! Thanks again!

(RA comments:  This was an anniversary piece in which we could only carve the "before" picture of our customers' parents, and were to carve the (decades later) "after" picture after the actual anniversary party event occurred and a picture was taken of the couple. Thus, we carved this special anniversary piece twice. The risk of re-masking and carving the already sentimentally-valued glass became a little scary, even for us.)
Subj: Elmhurst Memorial Healthcare
Date: May 10, 2000

"Dear [Riordan Artistry],
     I wanted to thank you for the beautiful Award for our Program Manager of the Year Award. She was very surprised and could not wait to bring it home and share it with her family. She is proudly displaying it on her desk.
     It is very meaningful to her an will be in the years to come.
     I look forward to working with you on future awards and personal gifts.
Christina P[.],   Manager of Nurse Recruitment and Retention [Elmhurst, IL]"

(RA comments:  We were told that the normally stoic healthcare professional who received the etched Mario Cioni Crystal referred to above, cried and stated that the award made it all worth it.  ...And that now she could continue more easily her remaining years before retirement.)

Subj: A Success Beyond Expectations
Date: 1/16/00 7:28:31 PM Central Standard Time
Dear [Riordan Artistry],
     Just a note to let you know what a wonderful gift you created! We must tell you what happened.
     We managed to arrive at the restaurant about 15 minutes before the guest of honor. Our reserved table was the focal table -- the first one visible from the entrance to the dining area. The atmosphere was elegant with softly muted lighting.
     We hurriedly removed the items from the center of the table and set up a display to envy. We had an L-shaped foam core armature and draped it with deep green velvet. We tucked a small flashlight into the folds of the fabric so that the light would shine from right to left across the face of the work. We then placed the piece in front of this backdrop. It was gorgeous. With a vase of roses to left the side and the work glowing from the right -- you should have seen it.
     What a hit!!
     People from all over the restaurant (a big Friday night crowd) came to see. ALL were very impressed with your work. Many said, "How special" or "This is absolutely wonderful" and "What a clever idea. Who did this work?" We were able to give your name and location to several very interested parties.
     When Margaret arrived she was so surprised she just didn't have words to express her delight. She was just as speechless when strangers would come to compliment her very special gift and to wish her good tidings. By the end of the evening we almost had to hire armed guards to escort her and her precious new thing to the car. In her eyes, pure gold would have been a shabby gift by comparison.
     Our family engraving is now in a place of honor in her lighted curio along with her Lladros, Hummels, and other treasures. It is beautiful and we couldn't be happier with the results.
     Thanks again for all your help and effort in creating memories for the B[']s. It was truly a happy 70th birthday celebration.
     We hope that others will be encouraged to seek your services and are certain they will!!!
                Tom & Lu Anne B[.] / Tulsa, Oklahoma
PS It's a lot warmer in Oklahoma!
Subj: RE: Order Completion Notice: from Riordan Artistry, Inc.
Date: 11/16/99 8:32:10 AM Central Standard Time
     We received the order over the weekend and were both very pleased with it.
     Thank you for your attention to detail. We will call on you again should we need art done in glass.
          Helen. W. / Wayne, IL
Subj: Received our Wedding Frame!
Date: 10/30/99 12:11:02 PM Central Standard Time
     Oh my God! That was quick. The piece is just beautiful, you did a fabulous job. We also appreciate your prompt, responsive service - it makes all the difference--we hope we can send more business your way.
     Regards, Ronnie K[.] / Cincinatti, OH
Subj: RE: order item # w57-1w Curved wedding frame: from RiordanArtistry, Inc.
Date: 10/13/99 8:59:31 PM Central Daylight Time
[Riordan Artistry],
     I just want to let you know that I received my piece today!!!!!
     Thank you so much, I will do business with you again.
          Motoko M.[] / Hopewell, VA
Subj: RE: Completion Notice: from Riordan Artistry, Inc.
Date: 10/8/99 12:41:15 PM Central Daylight Time
[Riordan Artistry]
     The piece looks great!!! Thank everyone for their efforts to complete the project on time, I'm sure my parents will love it.
          Rolf K. / Garden Grove, CA
Subj: Anniversary Gift
Date: 8/12/99 6:34:18 PM Central Daylight Time
The gift was a huge hit. Again, thank you for turning it around for me so quickly. It is much appreciated and I will save your cards for friends and family members as they seek good gift ideas.
Thanks again,
Doug M. / Overland Park, Kansas
Subj: RE: Thor, Dave N.: Image file from Riordan Artistry, Inc.
Date: 6/17/99 4:23:09 PM Central Daylight Time
Hi [Riordan Artistry],
     Very nice! I see what you meant about having a black background; it really brings out the qualities in glass that were evident in the picture. There's a lot of fine detail in this work!
     I can think of several ideas for other MLS's [Mini-Lighted Sculptures] that will be based on photographs, but none of them should be as much a challenge as Lydia was.
Dave T. / East Aurora, NY
Subj: A huge thanks!!!!!!!!!
Date: 5/5/99 4:05:46 PM Central Daylight Time
[Riordan Artistry]
     Tim and I wanted to thank you so much for [your work on] the beautiful wedding present. Something so personal means so much. When my mom gave it to us we couldn't stop starring at it. Your work is amazing. It's going on our entertainment center where everyone can see it. It is deeply appreciated. We don't know what to say except thank you so much and it is beautiful. You can tell so much time and work went into every detail. It means alot. [...] Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
     Tim and Tracy W. / Oswego, IL
Subj: Anniversary Present
Date: 4/D/99 8:11:41 PM Central Daylight Time
[Riordan Artistry]!
     Just as you & I guessed, the gift was a huge success (which left my mom weepy). Thanks again for all your hard work. We couldn't have given them a more precious gift.
     Also, my folks are willing to be celebs & have their artwork posted on your website. Won't that be fun...some of their friends were asking for the web address. Now they'll see a familiar face.
     Merci beaucoup!
          Pam S[.] / Wheeling, IL


Customer Feedback

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